3D Pixie - Personalized Jewelry

Soon YOU will be able to design all of your favorite unique pieces
Under Construction on Apple App Store

Design Ideas

The following are a few of our ideas for designs you can create with our app. However, we are very curious to hear what you will come up with.

Do you like sports? Put the logo of your favorite sports team on a disc!

Do you have kids or grandchildren? Show the world by wearing a picture of them around your neck.

Are you searching for a creative Christmas gift for your significant other? Put both of your names on a heart. How romantic!

Are you friends with any musicians? They would cherish a guitar pick with a design personalized by you.

Do you have a pet? Wear a picture of your loving companion around your neck or make them an I.D. tag no one has ever seen before.

Are you from Westeros? Put your Lannister or Stark family crest on a pendant. 😉

You can photograph your own handwriting or drawings and print them to last forever.

Carry an embossed picture of a favorite memory with you, around your neck or on a key chain, or hang it on your Christmas tree!