3D Pixie - Personalized Jewelry

Soon YOU will be able to design all of your favorite unique pieces
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About Us

3D Pixie is brought to you by Your Expressions, Inc. Our core team consists of Ellen and Jesko Onken. We were inspired by technological advances in 3D printing technology and the entrepreneurial spirit of the Silicon Valley, and assembled a team of experienced app developers for the technical side to make this project happen.

Ellen has a math degree and a background in sales as well as experience in an executive position with a mobile start-up. In the past few years she has not only raised two young children, but also brought 3D Pixie to the point of launching a viable product. She has always had a passion for jewelry and creating unique pieces of her own. She developed our jewelry designs and provides leadership and vision for the company.

Jesko, Ellen’s husband, is a technology enthusiast who experimented with various 3D printers and printed hundreds of models to test the possibilities and limitations of highly detailed 3D prints required for this project. He is also a business attorney who provides valuable guidance on all corporate and legal aspects.

The technical implementation of the project is provided by the U.S. based team of Pocketscience (www.pocketscience.com) and the very experienced Unity developer, Thomas Schreiber of netmin e.K., who is based in Germany.

Working together we are creating a fun and innovative product that places the power to create in your hands. We are excited to launch our app, develop the product, and have the you, the user, inspire our creative process to help find new ideas on how to make 3D printing available at your fingertips moving forward.